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To date, Opar Music has more than 30 years of learning, training, and successful installation and service experience. In the beginning, however, OPAR MUSIC did not have repair, or servicing, of Pro-Audio equipment as part of our service offerings. Interestingly, people continuously requested Opar Music to repair, and/or service, existing Pro-Audio systems. After much research, soul-searching, and more 'real experience' under our belts than most of our competitors, we added Pro-Audio service to our offerings. 

The fact is: organs and digital pianos are basically power supplies, an amplifier, and just about anything and everything in between.  In short, Opar Music is able to repair your guitar and keyboard amplifier, as well as - on a limited bases - your mixer or effects unit. We are the recognized experts for Pro-Audio Service by our competitors who often go from repairing Pro-Audio equipment to repairing organs and digital pianos; in fact, these local repair companies often call Opar Music for answers.

When you need your Pro-Audio equipment repaired or serviced, contact the experts and get it repaired correctly - the first time!

OPAR MUSIC is your local expert for Pro-audio equipment repair.