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OPAR MUSIC began installing professional sound systems, or Pro-audio Equipment, in Churches in 1978. The first installation was  for the church Michael, 'The Old Technician', was a member of at the time. Surprisingly... it worked. Opar Music has been privileged to enjoy installing new Pro-Audio Equipment (systems) - or making what is already in place - right... ever since. Opar Music takes pride in the fact we can say: "Every Pro-Audio system we have installed has worked as designed, without complication or annoying feedback.

We work exclusively with Behringer and Peavey.  Behringer, in this 'Old Technician's' opinion, provides the best value in cost, quality, and performance. Likewise, Peavey, offers outstanding performance as well.

We will provide you with a quote covering a full installation at no cost. The labor cost provided in your estimate/quote will be up to 25% less than any other estimate/quote received. We guarantee it.

Give OPAR MUSIC the opportunity to show you how your Church or Auditorium sound system can sound its best.