Your Hammond Organ is an instrument designed to last hundreds of years. With regular service (i.e,. yearly), your Hammond Organ will continue to perform and produce those uniquely glorious Hammond sounds for generations. However, restoration may be necessary after years of use, or non-use, to bring your Hammond Organ back to life. Restoration services run the gamut from simple to complete restoration which may include the cabinetry being refinished. OPAR MUSIC restores your vintage Hammond Organs to their original factory specifications. With today's technology, your restored Vintage Hammond Organ is often superior to the original, factory-fresh instrument purchased those many years ago. Better yet, OPAR MUSIC typically restores your Hammond in your home, church, or studio. In other words... we come to YOU!

Hammond Organ Restoration & Service

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OPAR MUSIC begins each restoration service with a thorough inspection of the instrument. Tonewheel generated Hammond Organs are different from the later models which are more electronic based. Regardless, we inspect the Leslie speaker for defects and wear; as well as a full inspection of the pre-amp, wires, and tonewheel generator (or note generation) system. Vintage Hammonds using a tonewheel generator require oil to run. This is a yearly inspection and addition of Hammond Oil to make sure the lubrication system is functioning correctly.

Returning the Leslie speaker and the Hammond Organ to factory specifications often requires the replacement of the tubes on the amp and pre-amp. Likewise, the belts are usually worn out on the horn and drum drives in the Leslie and these are replaced as well. We also inspect and replace, if necessary, the connection cables from the counsel to the Leslie, pedal and keyboard felts, drawbars (this can be done individually if necessary), etc., in order to bring the instrument into factory specs. Lastly, we replace the capacitors (there are 60 of them) with new, 100% matched, capacitors. Hammond originally recommended replacing the original capacitors (they were cardboard wrapped and sealed with paraffin) every 10 to 20 years. Most owners have never replaced them.

In the picture at the right, this particular Leslie had the original 15" Jensen speaker replaced with a new, 15" Jensen speaker made for the Leslie speaker cabinet. Jensen produces and carries these speakers as part of their line-up. The speaker is not overly expensive and sells for around $189 retail.

Once OPAR MUSIC completes the restoration process... your Hammond Organ is showroom fresh and sounds like (or better than) the day you purchased it.