​OPAR MUSIC has been repairing Digital Pianos since 1989; and by 2000, we were repairing all brands of Digital Pianos.

We are warrantied by Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Artesia, Suzuki, Korg, Casio and Williams for all warranty service to these product lines. Likewise, we are capable of repairing any other older brand such as General Music, Baldwin, etc., as long as parts are available. Our years of quality service on different brands of digital musical instruments reveals a simple fact: power supplies are rarely a problem; moreover, main or cpu boards can many times be repaired. OPAR MUSIC does not just replace boards... we repair them down to the component level.

For example: Suzuki has a particular problem called sticky keys on models like GP-7; GP-3; HP-427; HP-425; FP-S; ect.. The fix is exacting. While you will be able to find estimates for $400.00 from our competitors; you have to deliver the keyboard or digital piano to them for the repair service.

We strongly recommend anyone seeking warranted, certified, and professional service/repairs for your digital piano or keyboard to do it the right way, the first time, with OPAR Music. In most cases, the service is able to be performed in your home for $385.00 - or less. Typically, in less than two (2) hours.  If you love your instrument we are the company for the job.


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