Pro-Audio Repair

          OPAR MUSIC did not start out to do repair on Pro-Audio equipment, but people asked us if we could. So we thought about it and came up with this; Organ and Digital Pianos are power supplies and an amplifier with anything and everything in between. So yes we can repair your Guitar and Keyboard amp, also on a limited bases your mixer or effects unit. Maybe in the future we will create an exclusive Pro-Audio department. On our competition side, they try to go from repairing Pro-Audio equipment to Organs and Digital pianos, that does not make since to us. I've had these local repair companies calling me for answers, for me that does not work. I've had almost 30 years of learning and does that mean I should share that with my competition. If you worked for me I would share that with you.  When it comes to OPAR MUSIC repairing Pro-Audio equipment we do not need to call anyone. If you need something repaired you go to the experts and get it repaired.  OPAR MUSIC is your local expert for your Pro-audio equipment repair.