OPAR MUSIC has been in the Organ repair business since 1988. We spent a good part of 1992 with a man named Ken Sime who was an exclusive repair tech for Hammond and Gulbransen. He was a very good man, I was working with him one day and he had trouble remembering how to do a simple procedure. I found out later that he had Alzheimer and the family took him away and took care of him. I'm glad I had the opportunity to know him and learn from him. In the early days I worked for Organ Exchange, Sherman and Clay and Colton Music Store. By 1993 we were completely on our own and using the name OPAR MUSIC. In California we had Churches that used us full time and even gave us keys to be able to go in and repair their Organ quickly. By 1994 business was good and we were doing all 12 Organ Exchange stores independently. But by mid 1995 the Organ stores were struggling and we as a company were hurting. We took a small vacation to visit friends in Mesa, Az. they set me up with 3 repair jobs and one them was a church we repaired it and then found out who normally repairs their Organ. His name was Dave Isaacson  of AAA Organ Service very well known in the state of Arizona. I called him up and told him I had repaired the Organ at this Church, he thanked me and said it would have taken him 3 weeks to get to that Church. He took my phone number and said he does pipe organs in California and could he call me, I said yes.  We got home and within 3 days he called me and offered a job to me in Arizona I gladly excepted. Every 2 weeks I drove the 7 hour trip back home to Long Beach, California and stayed for the weekend. This got old fast so after about 3 months I moved the family to Mesa, Az. December 28, 1995 we were now living in Mesa, Az. I worked for Dave for about 6 more months. Then a big physical problem showed up, I had an hernia in my groan that was quite bad. I went to Dave told him the issue and he understood right away I wasn't going to be able to lift an organ in this condition. So I got a regular electronic bench tech job and 3 months later got insurance and got the problem fixed. Sadly Dave Isaacson died in 2000, I still wasn't thinking about the Organ business but one of my sons and I were walking through the mall and saw a man playing an Organ and my son got excited and told the man I repaired Organs. The man was the manager of the store and he said come on in and let's talk so we did and I did and so OPAR MUSIC was back. And we are still here and as long as my health will let me I will continue doing the best job in Arizona that we can.

Michael the old technician